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Jumpstart is a 30 minute equipment free total body workout. It includes effortless exercises aimed to tone every part of your body. The warm up prepares the body for stretches that reach a crescendo with a blasting workout and ends with a soothing cool-down. All in just about 30 minutes Jumpstart facilities core strengthening using only body resistance justifying its name, the workout gives a head-start to your day. Kunal Sharma, the fitness trainer, assures a toned body within a month of regular workout.

Transform Burn it

TRANSFORM offers a 25 min work that strengthens your core ( abdomen and lower back) & improves your stability. This benefits in the long run, by ensuring an erect posture & minimizing any chances of back or spinal cord problems. The workout has been designed keeping in the mind the needs of the common man.

The beauty of the routine is that there are no risky jumps, hops or any such moves that might strain the knees. It imparts the benefits of yoga by enhancing flexibility & strengthening the core greater core power and better balance brings about overall stability & improves agility. This engaging workout sharpens the mind & bring about improved attentiveness.


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With Burn it, the aim is to help you acquire the body you’ve always dreamnt of. BURN IT works on a separate muscle group every single day allowing you to do justice to your entire body through the weak. Follow this routine religiously with Kunal through the weak for at-least 3 months and see the change in your body and stamina. The systematic approach will help you stay focused through the workout and effortlessly make you more determined and disciplined towards your approach to fitness.

BURN it works for beginners as well as fitness freaks. If you are a beginner, do the warm up and cool down for a weak or two & then get on with the workouts. After a good 5 days of intense workout, loosen up and on weekends loosen with just the warm-up n cool down.


Since time immemorial, both men and women have been attracted to round buttocks of the opposite sex, the assets of our bodies. Besides their unbeatable sex appeal buttocks play a vital role in the physical health of the body.

Weak buttocks ruin human beings in a majority of ways. Lack of strength in the buttocks places great strain on the lower back, thus increasing risk of injury, which is why most people suffer from spinal problems. In out daily life all the muscles of the body have to work in co-ordination, rather than is isolation,which makes all the difference between winning and losing the daily life battle. If the butt muscles are not trained adequately then this imbalance will affect the other muscles, thus making them perform sub-optimally which will in turn lower the entire performance of them person for simple daily functional activities.

Kunal Sharma’s Unbeatable, if done regularly for atleast 4-5 times in a weak for 6-8 minutes with complete dedication, will help one achieve desired results in a month’s time.

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