Speed is a skill! Not simply a birth trait.

Explosive speed and agility are huge game breaking performance skills that must be specifically trained. In a team game the level of success on attack may well come down to the athletic ability of an attacker and the athletic ability of a defender. Speed and agility will determine the attackers' ability to evade or beat the defender to find space. Conversely the defenders ability to react with speed and agility will determine how effective they are in closing down attacking space. In an individual court sport the level of success may be primarily determined by your ability to get the ball quickly and with balance.

Multidirectional Speed can be broken up into 6 key components - all or which can effectively be taught as a skill or trained using a variety of techniques. These 6 components collectively will make for F.A.S.T.E.R movement in all directions.

F - First Step Quickness
A - Agility and acceleration
S - Stopping and starting
T - Technique Efficiency
E - Explosive Power
R - Reaction Skills

And this is what XLR8® teaches you. XLR8® focuses on the most up to date and cutting edge methods of improving fast movement abilities, and is critical for any sporting code where speed and quickness is an advantage

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