Speed , Aglity and Quickness

You play any sport , whether it’s cricket , boxing , tennis , rugby or hockey, everybody needs three things for sure , speed , agility, quickness.

How to get them all together under one roof ?

That’s the beauty of a good personal trainer , coach . There are thousands of drills to develop saq ,and intoday’s competitive world , everybody wants to be the best.

Being a good sportsman is about discipline, dedication and tons of practice. You have to train hard and train smart . The myth of no pain , no gain , is gone. Exercise physiology has advanced so much now. Overtraining and overreaching ,both are dangerous .

Speed isthe minimum time an athlete takes to complete a race.

Agility is the moves by the athlete indifferent directions to complete the task in minimumrisk.

Quickness is the minimum time an athlete takes to react to solve the problem.

These trainngs can be done using cones , ladders , on track , off track , indoor , out door, with harness or without harness , wth asistance and with resistance .

So inshort these saq trainings cane be effective and result oriented , provided , it is done with proper guidance from persoanal trainer or coach.

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