Power Plate

Research based evidence and anecdotal account has shown that stretching and performing dynamic mobility exercises on a Power Plate machine can significantly enhance the range of motion, more so than conventional stretching.

The Power plate has 3 directions of vibration, up and down, forwards and backwards and side to side. It has been seen that Pre tensed muscles + vibration leads to improvement of inter muscular and intra-muscular co-ordination which in turn enhances stability, strength and power.

These vibrations also stimulate the muscle-pump-effect causing an increase in blood flow with an improvement in the transport of oxygen/carbon dioxide , micronutrients, macronutrients and wastes. This increased blood flow has also been seen to stimulate the lymphatic reflux.

Studies have shown that vibration training bring about an increase in the release of human growth hormone ( muscle building ) , serotonin ( neuro-transmitter ) and testosterone ( muscle building ) while bringing about a reduction in cortisol ( long-term stress marker)

It has been found to be a perfect tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation of the spine and trunk with minimum stress.

From an athletic and sports point of view, the best part of training on the Power plate is that the vibrations immediately engage the core muscles thus enhancing stability and strengthening of the core area. Training for a specific sport is doubly aided by the challenge provided by the vibrations which is not found on steady ground.

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