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In today’s world every body is following crash diets , Atkins diets, California diets or yo-yo diets to lose weight desperately . But let me tell you, it is not going to work , it is going to work only when you are working out and eating according to your BODY TYPE.

If you are not following your body type , even though you eating properly and you are working out regularly , still you will not lose weight. To lose weight , we have to know what hormones are working towards you and against you ? This is not a very complicated science although doctors , dieticians, nutritionists , all confuse us and keep us in limbo.

In spite of a daily morning walk , at least 90 percent people , still have a big stomach . How many hormones are fat- storing hormones and how many hormones are fat- burning hormones ? How these hormones work ? How the bad hormones get triggered and how the good hormones do not work under the presence of bad hormones? What is body type ? How a customized diet plan works towards particular body type ? How do you judge the symptoms of particular boy type? What kind of workout regime works towards particular body type?

However we have answers to all these questions and the results are guaranteed. Please contact us on our email address, or book a phone appointment.

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