1 Why should one do fitness training ?
Ans—Fitness is the key of one’s life. It helps us to keep our body and subsequently our mind healthy . Fitness helps us to not only increase the strength of our muscles but also helps one to reduce stress levels. It helps one to increase the metabolic rate, which in turn helps one to work efficiently, the entire day in the office or at home. It refreshes one’s mind and body as it releases the toxins from the body through sweat and releases endorphins which in turn rejuvenates the mind and body.

2. How can I take out time from my daily hectic schedule for fitness ?
Ans- ITS BETTER TO GIVE 20 MIN IN 24 HOURS THAN TO STAY ON THE BED THE WHOLE YEAR. I hope you have understood the answer.

3 .What should I do to be fit ?
Any thing and every thing is good but condition is you should know what you are doing and why you are doing. For example if you are running , focus on your form, posture and breathing. If you are into weight training you should know when to breathe in and when to breathe out. Which angle would help the muscle best without causing injury. Initially it might be advisable to hire a personal trainer or at least join a gym. If working out at home, ensure you are following a good fitness routine from a professional dvd.

4 .Where should I train ?
I would say anywhere and everywhere. You can have a fitness dvd and train in your private bed room . You can set up the TRX in your room in your hall and train there. You can use the MEDICINE BALL , VIPR RIP GEAR , SPEED LADDER , CONES, HURDLES, any piece of equipment and train . If you do not know how to train then hire a trainer for few days and learn or if you cannot afford ,then buy a dvd and train .


5. What should I wear ?
You should wear comfortable clothing so that your skin can breathe easily. It is required for women to invest in a good sports bra and for men to buy a good sturdy pair of supporters before you start working out. You should be comfortable enough to stretch easily and move your limbs in perfect range of motion. Avoid belts and wear good strong work-out shoes.

6. How much water should I drink ?
You should drink a glass of water just 15 min before your workout, and during the workout keep yourself adequately hydrated by sipping water , every five min . After the workout you should consume at least 500ml while in hot summers, it should be one litre after the workout.

7. What should I eat before and after the workout ?
Eat some thing light before the workout , a piece of fruit or a few nuts or if possible, a cup of oat meal at least 45 min, before workout.

But after the workout ,30 min is your window time period to revive your whole metabolic rate and muscular recovery. So you should have some thing which has proteins and carbohydrates together for fast recovery , such as banana shake , mixed fruit yogurt, or if possible whey protein shakes.

Beginners always complain after initial sessions that my whole body is sore. This soreness in the muscles comes through lactic acid, which is flushed away within 48 hours through the metabolic process. But if the soreness stays for 2/ 3 days then you should take rest and eat properly.


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