CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems™ were originally developed in the USA for the Military and professional MMA fighters. The CrossCore180® is now available to the general public in the US and International markets and is currently in use by professional athletes and sports teams, schools, clubs, military and rehabilitation facilities.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation... The rotation and versatility of the CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems™ allow athletes to duplicate and train for the movements they perform out on the field and in the streets. The ability to pinpoint and duplicate these movements will make a difference in sports performance on game day

The crosscore also comprises of nylon straps, extremely endurable and weight resistant which is attached to a pulley system for the rotational movement. This pulley is the main difference between the Crosscore and TRX suspension which is also a strap-type training equipment but allows no churning motion which prevents the core from being rotated as freely as the Crosscore.

The key to the effectiveness of CrossCore180® lies within the Patent Pending pulley system. For a more stabilized and static workouts, leave the pin engaged in the pulley. But when it's time to get serious, "PULL THE PIN™" letting the pulley rotate freely and take your training where its never been before. This system allows training up to a weight of 1000 lbs.

Technical know-how about using the Crosscore

  1. The Crosscore is extremely light weight ( 8-9 lbs) and portable and you only need space approximately 6ft X 8ft for training.
  2. You can attach the anchor point to a strong beam, pull-up bar, door or a sturdy tree branch.
  3. The anchor point can be as high as 7-8 ft.
  4. The Crosscore can be used by beginners as well as advanced users as the user determines the amount of resistance by the body angle. However it would benefit a person to start with the TRX initially as the TRX is the base of the Crosscore and workouts on both should be performed under supervised guidance at least initially from a Fitness trainer qualified and certified to teach the same.
  5. It is a 3-dimensional training program , all core, all goals, all levels, all the time and all places.
  6. You cannot allow your hips to slag while working out, maintain a good posture.
  7. Keep the straps of the Crosscore tight and do not allow slacking in them during the workout

The Crosscore can also be attached with a variety of other equipment for specific sports.

  1. Gymnast rings can be used for gymnast training.
  2. Kettlebell training for strength and endurance.
  3. Resistance bands or tubes can be attached for core training and strength training.
  4. The Crosscore handles can be adjusted near the pulley system for pull-ups and chin-ups, this is not possible in the TRX which only allows Rowing motion.

This system is of great benefit for people who are physically challenged in terms of weak legs or on a wheelchair by allowing them to work out the upper body and strengthen the core muscles and back but always in presence of a certified trainer !

In totality, the CROSSCORE provides an integrated, multi-planar , neuromuscular functional training.

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