Dear Kunal,

Thank you very much for your participation at AILREA’s first All Day Medical event on 8th February.

It seems everyone I’ve spoken to wants me to express appreciation for the stimulating talk on ‘lifestyle health and fitness’. Your years of experience in physical fitness, your in-depth understanding of performance enhancement, and your ability to demonstrate several exercises in such an invigorating manner was enjoyed by everyone. And there is no doubt it added more value to the event.

I understand from AILREA members that you agreed to WhatsApp suggested rehab, conditioning exercises and other tips on how to maintain a healthy future.

To assist you in doing so, please find attached a list of those members who were present during your presentation. I’ve included their cell numbers. Because I’m not sure how many are on WA, their email IDs are also incorporated.

I would like to inform the members when they will start receiving your messages. Hence request an acknowledgment from your end.

On behalf of the Managing Committee and members, we are immensely thankful for devoting some time for us from your extremely busy schedule and we hope that you will oblige us on other occasions.

Warm personal regards,


                                     Before and after

I was introduced to Kunal’s Yoga & workout session by my company in Jan,2016.

After various session of these classes I know that, “it’s not that my body type which has stubborn fat because of which I can’t lose weight and build my stamina – the general Indian psyche - rather, it’s my mindset which is stubborn to sincerely act for the changes I require to discipline me.

Breaking through my pre conceived notions, making me mentally & physically strong is what I am learning in my Yoga session.

Thanks Kunal

Richa Chhabra


Hi Kunal,

After joining yoga I have experienced following differences:

1. I was often getting backache and now it has reduced to a great extent.
2. I feel very energetic
3. Really like the way you give personal attention while excercising to ensure it is done correctly
4. Guidance on health issues is very useful.

Thank you & Hoping to receive more knowledge and support from you.

Maria Dsouza


Hi Kunal,

It's indeed a very pleasure to be a part of Fitness program driven by you. As prior to joining I was not aware of implications of many things like improper sleep, food taken at wrong timing and many other such points which really hamper our life. Kunal has explained the importance of each and every points in detail like posture, the beginning of body pain how it starts..

Above all the stretching exercise taught to us is without using any equipments which makes us very easy to do at home as well or at our desk place. By attending the session my health issues are addressed by giving proper advice by Kunal.

Thanks Kunal for making me a part of your fitness program.

Sangeetha Nambiar


"I've been working withKunal for approx 5 months now and have seen amazing results in this time..Kunal is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun with more stress on correct form. Kunal is a great motivator who not only motivates to hit the floor regularly but also motivates to put extra efforts in each workouts.

The variations in the workout that range from simple stretching to high intensity workout are amazing along with the classroom sessions on nutrition.

There has been an incredible increase in energy levels, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Kunal will lead you every step of the way start from stretching to planning your diet.

Thank you kunal, you are the best person I have ever met in this field!"

All The Best

Thanks & Regards
Lokesh Gupta

"Person who looks fit may not be healthy" which Kunal taught us .kunal is full of energy and enthusiasm. He is very good trainer who really focuses on overall health and fitness of each individual. He connects with people so easily and modify workouts .. I am going to the gym since last 6 months, but the cardio routine was very monotonous.. However, when I started attending Kunal's session, every session he has something interesting . I enjoy his lecture on overall functioning of body and how to make changes in your eating pattern.

I find my overall stamina and flexibility has improved a lot.

Thank you Kunal for bringing change in my lifestyle which will certainly help me in long run


Dear Kunal,

I am very much happy to joined your health program from last one year. It is really helped me to regain and achieve self-confidence, straighten, flexibility and body fitness.

Pravin Bhaskar


Dear Kunal,

Your health program has really helped us regain and achieve self confidence, straighten, flexibility and body fitness.



Dear Kunal,
You have been very motivating and guiding throughout the Fitness training sessions conducted in Global Insurance Brokers office.
The way you train is extremely innovative,challenging, energetic and unique.
All your lectures are an eyeopener along with being knowledge,science and research oriented.
I forgot my family physicians name and address as your are a one stop solution for every illness and sickness.
You never lost hope in us although we did in ourselves,but you always pushed a bit more and knew our potential.
Your health program has really helped us regain and achieve self confidence, flexibility and body fitness.
Thanx a Ton.

Pinkie Singh


Respected editor;- Kunal Sharma on his article "older people must exercise"pointed out so many vital facts for aged peoples which will be a great help for them.Most of the older peoples are neglected by the family members. and as. such in case of illness the poor unfortunate people suffer so much .So it is always advise able to keep ones body fit as much as possible.Regular physical exercise keep mind stress-free which is a great aged peoples. thanking you...

Read the article as in subject,and liked it.
I fully agree with your views,
Pl.keep on writing such articles to awake and make aware 
the people who are neglecting health,
Its a simple logic we work hard with our body machine,and it needs 
to be moved over,exercised/serviced timely and properly to work to full capacity for longer time.
There is story, Once Akbar asked Birbal 3 questions,
घोडो का अडखळतो ?
पान का सडते ?
बुद्धी का चालत नाही  ?
बिरबल हूशार व हजरजबाबी होता.
तिन्हीचे एकच उत्तर दिले --- "न चालण्याने /न फिरवल्याने /न वापरल्याने "
Therefore one must walk and walk for fitness in life.
One must do any kind of exercise for 30 to 40 min a day for just 5 days a week
to keep fit for entire life.And वाल्किंग is  the BEST .
as it is easy,possible at all places,indoor,outdoors,day or night,any time.
It is inexpensive.
We work hard to earn to live on the cost of our health when young.,and spend everything 
what we have earned during our old age IF WE DO NOT EXERCISE DAILY
As I said please keep on writing on health and exercise for social fitness.
Thanks and regards
Dr Dinkar 


I read your article that older people must do exercise I am 63 and do exercise in 3 segments I get up at sam in the morning go for a brisk walk than I do weights n than I do elliptical trainer for 20 mine than I do yoga n stretchesn breathing excercises am I doing over or it is ok.


Iam a regular reader of this column in your newspaper, and sometimes follow certain tips mentioned there. However in today's feature , I felt that the writer has written about the importance of physical activity by older people, and also how it helps to prevent bone loss,neuromuscular problems etc in his article. However as i was reading it, i felt that the author has not wrritten anything about what kind of acitivity has to be undertaken For eg. Iam a 53 old woman and have concern of going to the gym,or using heavy weights. So to be on the safer side, i go for walks regularly and do yoga but like to include more physical activity in my daily routine. In order to educate people like me  the writer can give tips as what kind of physical acitivity he is referring to. This will benefit people like me.
Hope my feedback will be taken in good spirit.
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