Calisthenics or body weight workout

Calisthenics are great workouts and integrated neuromuscular activated workouts. It depends how you train ? Calisthenics are always been my favourite workouts, because they are powerful , result oriented, fast and quick , and ofcourse time saving too.

In calisthenics workouts you use your own body weight against you, I mean you resist your body weight in different planes of motions and with different speeds. Well you can add balance component , you can add plyometrics, you can add strength component, agility component and last but not least power component. I still remember when I didmy last calisthenics workout , I burnt around 550 cal in 30 min. calisthenics workouts are time saving workouts because many times in aweek , if we are too busy in office or some other work , we always get an excuse not to go to gym , so that’s how we start missing our workouts and health deterioration starts. I designed my dvds keeping in mind all occupations sothat everybody can enjoy a quick workout daily.

Calisthenics workouts , helps to increase your confidence ,when you do 50 push ups in one short , 100 squats , 20 jump squats , again 20 pull ups , these workouts not only build your confidence , change your whole life style too.

Always remember form is the king , whether its pullups , squats , jumpsquats or push ups , breathing is very veryimportant. Do not mess up with your breathings . Always remember, breathe out against gravity and breathe in towards gravity. Last but not the least , whatever workout you do , do it with yourfull heart.

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