Bosu ball training is highly advanced and even though the bosu ball looks like a child’s play toy, the reality is totally reverse.

Bosu ball is a half round and half flat surface ball. It a very powerful training equipment. If one is not aware , how to use this ball , then he or she can get injured very easily. So its very important for a personal trainer to train himselfenough first on the bosu, so that he or she can master their command perfectly on bosu before training others.

The bosu surface is very reactive and very challenging, this makes the personal trainer’s job even more challenging ,to ensure that any kind of serious injury is prevented.

The bosu ball training is a combination of stabilization , balance , plyometrics , strength and agility training.

On the bosu ball you can jump , hop , run , bounce , squat, balance on both legs , alternate legs , push ups , back rows , core and strength , anything you choose.

Bosu can also be used for rehabilitation. If some body has back pain or ankle pain or a weak core , all rehab can be performed on the bosu. After ankle sprains , the muscles , tendons and connective tissues , lose their flexibility and balance , so one can train on the bosu to correct and improve their functionings all of which were lost after an injury.

Inshort ,the bosu is a fantastic, three dimensional equipment. But one should know how to use it correctly in order to enjoy its challenges.

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